Charity auction of dates

We do good deeds through meetings. Join now!

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We do good deeds through meetings. Join now!

This is a charity auction, with lots of meetings and dates. On our site you can win meetings with interesting, extraordinary and even famous people. You can also arrange a meeting with you for auctions. As a result, you get an interesting pastime, and the money we receive will be used for charity.

A few steps to help

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Create profile

No registration and confirmation by mail. Just sign in with one of the social networks.

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Publish lot

To publish your lot it`s enough to fill out a brief contact information, add interesting description and several photos to attract attention.

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Buy a date

You can make your bid or redeem the lot immediately. For each lot there is a timer to complete the bidding. The last bet is victorious.

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Going for a date

After paying the winning bid, the participants automatically receive the contact information of another participant. The place and time of the meeting participants agree on their own.

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The funds we received from meetings are used to implement charitable goals and projects. Participants have access to reports on performance and funds used.

Brief statistics

Before the start of this project, we successfully conducted a charity auction of dates in Lviv for 4 years. Here are some statistics to illustrate our results:

UAH were generated monthly


Dates were sold

Maximum lots / month

Average bid

Visits of orphanages


About us

We are a team of not indifferent people who are working on the idea of making social activity easy and enjoyable, accessible to everyone. We will gladly accept the people who are close to us spiritually. you can view our team here

Who are we

We are a charitable platform whose purpose is to involve Ukrainians in socially important and significant projects. Only together can we move into a bright future.

How it helps

During our activity in Lviv, we have successfully implemented many things: we were supporting and helping the orphans, supporting the soldiers, helping childrens with cancer. The plans are to attract other cities to the project and implement more ambitious ideas and plans.